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Significant gravity, a global issue indeed, climate change touches every aspect of our world. All these factors contribute to a detrimental effect of climate change on cities and their inhabitants, causing harm through different means such as temperature increase, intense weather, and sea level rise. Less prepared cities and towns struggle with the aftermath, contrasted with those better equipped. Relative safety from climate change can be found in 10 of the largest cities discussed in this blog post.


Utilizing Policygenius’ research and an article from Lifehacker, we identified the top 10 cities most resistant to the effects of climate change. Both reports were evaluated, including the EPA’s Climate Change Indicators and the IPCC’s Global Warming of 1.5°C study.

These cities were chosen because of their resistance to climate change’s unfavorable repercussions, which include severe weather, sea level increase, and heat waves. Resilience, infrastructure, and adaptation measures were carefully evaluated alongside community considerations.

The 10 Largest Cities (Relatively) Safe From Climate Change

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Seattle, Washington
  3. Columbus, Ohio
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  6. Portland, Oregon
  7. Denver, Colorado
  8. Baltimore, Maryland
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Nashville, Tennessee

Why These Cities Are Safe

  1. San Francisco, California

Home to 6.7 million people and a hub for economic activity, the arts, and sciences, San Francisco is where leading universities, high-tech, healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, and professional services are found.

Through May, the passage of this measure will affect numerous cities, including San Francisco. According to London Breed, the stay-at-home order was prolonged, which was also implemented in six counties in Northern California, including Berkeley.

Little risk of sea level rise and extreme weather occurrence are infrequent in the city. Climate change’s consequences won’t have much effect on San Francisco because this city has a strong economy. Similar to how all cities face their unique set of issues, the current state of affairs entails dealing with the effects of novel legislation and COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Seattle, Washington

From festivals to museums, Seattle, Washington, hosts a multitude of events and attractions. Additional information about the city is provided below:

A reputation precedes Seattle, as the city is associated with an icy reception of newcomers, dubbed “The Seattle Freeze.” Contrary to popular belief, the locals in Seattle tend to be warm and inviting.

A transportation improvement plan is currently being worked on by the city. Improvements are planned for public transit, bike lanes, and pedestrian infrastructure.

Resources are provided through Seattle’s Office of Economic Development for businesses affected by COVID-19. Headquartered in Seattle4, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also located in the city.

From seafood to global flavors, Seattle restaurants showcase a broad range of culinary delights. Artisanal products, fresh seafood, and produce make the Pike Place Market a culinary hotspot.

Outdoor activities galore await enthusiasts in Seattle, such as hiking, biking, and water sports. Outdoor adventures are made possible by the city’s surroundings, which include mountains and water.

Exploring Seattle’s neighborhoods, Capitol Hill and Belltown5 rank among the best. Known for their great restaurants, nightlife, and bars, these neighborhoods.

Strict rules govern Seattle’s tree planting and strip paving procedures. Tree health and maintenance are the focus of these guidelines.

With plenty of exciting things to see and do, Seattle is an excellent city overall. Everyone will find something in Seattle, regardless of their preferences.

  1. Columbus, Ohio

The second-largest city in the state of Ohio and its capital is Columbus. Additional information about the city is provided below:

  • Columbus is the proud home of The Ohio State Unive­rsity, one of the largest univer­sities in the United States. Renowned for its excep­tional academic programs and a storied football team known as the Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • The city boasts a robust and diverse economy, supported by various indus­tries such as healt­hcare, educa­tion, and techn­ology. It is home to major employers like OhioH­ealth, Natio­nwide Insur­ance, and JPMorgan Chase.
  • Columbus is consi­dered to be a relat­ively safe city when it comes to the impacts of climate change. The primary concern for residents here would be the potential rise in heat. Fortun­ately, Columbus faces low risks of sea level rise and is not prone to extreme weather events.
  • The city’s strong emphasis on sustain­ability is evident through the impleme­ntation of various programs aimed at reducing its carbon footp­rint. One such program includes a bike-s­haring initi­ative, allowing residents and visitors to choose eco-fr­iendly transpo­rtation options. Additi­onally, the city has taken steps towards energy effic­iency by insta­lling energy-e­fficient street­lights. These efforts showcase
  • Columbus, the lively city in Ohio, is home to a variety of capti­vating cultural attrac­tions. It boasts renowned instit­utions such as the Columbus Museum of Art and the magni­ficent Ohio Theatre. Throu­ghout the year, visitors are treated to exciting festivals like the esteemed Columbus Arts Festival and the ever-p­opular Ohio State Fair.
  • The city puts great emphasis on community invol­vement and offers various programs to assist its resid­ents. For instance, the Depar­tment of Job and Family Services provides financial aid to eligible families. Furthe­rmore, a utility customer service depar­tment is available to help residents manage their utility bills.
  • Columbus is a great city for foodies, with a wide range of restaurants serving everything from traditional American cuisine to international dishes. Some of the best neighborhoods for food in Columbus include the Short North and German Village.

In general, Columbus is a vibrant city with an emphasis on sustainability, a robust economy, and a variety of cultural attractions. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Columbus, whether they are interested in dining, culture, or outdoor activities.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

the historical metropolis of Boston, nestled within Massachusetts, boasts a cultural legacy that teems with vitality. Detailed information pertaining to this urban gem unfurls below:

Boston, the preeminent nucleus of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is ensconced in the northeastern precincts of the United States. It treads upon the land with modest dimensions for a metropolis of its stature, a quarter of its expanse awash with aqueous domains.

This venerable city possesses an illustrious narrative, a seminal player in the crucible of the American Revolution. Notable landmarks adorning its terrain encompass the hallowed Freedom Trail, the USS Constitution Museum, and the venerable Paul Revere House.

Boston’s aegis extends over a pantheon of eminent citadels of learning, notably the venerable Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These bastions of erudition are celebrated for their academic fortitude and pioneering research endeavors.

A buoyant economy is the sine qua non of this city, underpinned by a mosaic of industries, spanning the spectrum from healthcare and pedagogy to the realm of finance. Some of the titans in the city’s employment sphere encompass the hallowed precincts of Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the corporate juggernaut, State Street Corporation.

In the annals of 2020, the city invoked a moratorium on its construction endeavors, citing the omnipresent specter of the COVID-19 pandemic. This embargo cast a forbidding pall over non-essential construction pursuits within the city’s precincts.

An assortment of infrastructural initiatives presently unfolds within the city’s confines, including the reinvigoration of the Constitution Center Waterfront. Within its purview lies the venerable Long Wharf, an erstwhile epicenter for commercial ingress and egress.

With an unwavering gaze fixated on environmental stewardship, Boston has orchestrated an array of initiatives to curtail its carbon footprint. These encompass a communal bicycle-sharing program and the widespread implementation of energy-efficient street illumination.

For connoisseurs of epicurean delight, Boston emerges as an undisputed haven. Its diverse culinary landscape proffers a cornucopia of gastronomic experiences, ranging from the quintessential fare of New England to a global tableau of delectable dishes. Coveted neighborhoods, such as the North End and Back Bay, epitomize this gastronomic abundance.

Boston, a city steeped in historical significance, radiates with a vibrant economy, an unwavering dedication to sustainability, and an eclectic array of cultural treasures. It embraces all, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for those drawn to its history, culinary delights, or outdoor adventures.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota, emerges as a vibrant urban hub, replete with a kaleidoscope of events and enthralling attractions. Further insights into this city’s allure unfold below:

Dubbed the “City of Lakes,” Minneapolis owes its moniker to the profusion of aquatic wonders that grace its landscape. An impressive constellation of thirteen lakes, interlaced with wetlands, the majestic Mississippi River, meandering creeks, and cascading waterfalls, bedeck the city’s visage.

Economically robust, Minneapolis thrives on a diverse array of industries, spanning the realms of healthcare, education, and technology. Amongst its stalwart corporate titans are the venerable Target Corporation, the financial juggernaut Wells Fargo, and the esteemed University of Minnesota.

A cultural tapestry embellishes the cityscape, adorned with such treasures as the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Festive fervor permeates the city’s atmosphere year-round, with events like the venerable Minnesota State Fair and the harmonious Twin Cities Jazz Festival.

Minneapolis casts an unwavering gaze upon sustainability, orchestrating multifarious initiatives to diminish its carbon footprint. A testament to this commitment lies in its communal bicycle-sharing program and the widespread adoption of energy-efficient street lighting.

For epicurean enthusiasts, Minneapolis extends an enticing invitation. A cornucopia of culinary delights unfolds across a spectrum encompassing quintessential American fare and a mosaic of international flavors. Noteworthy gastronomic havens within the city include the North Loop and Uptown neighborhoods.

Community engagement takes center stage in Minneapolis, supported by an array of programs designed to bolster its residents. The Department of Community Planning and Economic Development stands as a beacon, offering financial assistance to eligible families. Furthermore, a dedicated utility customer service department provides indispensable aid to residents in managing their utility expenses.

Minneapolis, not to be outdone, fosters a thriving music scene that has birthed iconic musicians, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. Among its illustrious roster of musical luminaries stand the legendary Prince, the poetic troubadour Bob Dylan, and the pioneering rock band, The Replacements.

In summary, Minneapolis thrives as a vibrant city, ardently championing sustainability, boasting a robust economy, and offering a diverse array of cultural treasures. Within its embrace, everyone can discover something to cherish, whether their passions lie in music, cuisine, or outdoor pursuits.

  1. Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland, Oregon, shines as a beacon of renowned reputation, celebrated for its thriving cultural scene, breathtaking natural landscapes, and steadfast dedication to ecological sustainability. A deeper exploration of this city’s charms unfolds below:

Portland has carved a niche as a gastronomic mecca, where a veritable symphony of eateries regales diners with a panoply of delectable offerings. From the rustic charm of farm-to-table fare to the tantalizing array of international flavors, Portland’s culinary landscape beckons. Notable epicurean enclaves, such as the Pearl District and the Alberta Arts District, serve as epicenters for culinary exploration.

Sustainability takes precedence in the city’s ethos, evidenced by a multifaceted array of initiatives aimed at mitigating its carbon footprint. Among these commendable efforts is a communal bicycle-sharing program and the pervasive embrace of energy-efficient street lighting.

Cultural enthusiasts find solace in Portland’s embrace, as it plays host to a trove of artistic treasures, including the hallowed halls of the Portland Art Museum and the cerebral delights of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The city’s calendar brims with festivities throughout the year, from the resplendent Portland Rose Festival to the captivating Portland International Film Festival.

A robust economy underpins Portland’s vitality, with a diverse industrial spectrum spanning healthcare, education, and technology. Among its corporate giants are the indomitable Intel, the iconic Nike, and the esteemed Oregon Health & Science University.

Nature enthusiasts find themselves in an idyllic haven within the city, where opportunities for hiking, biking, and waterborne adventures abound. Encircled by majestic mountains and cradled by crystalline waters, Portland beckons outdoor aficionados with open arms.

Ongoing infrastructure metamorphoses shape the city’s visage, exemplified by endeavors like the Portland Streetcar Loop. Further bolstering its prominence, the city houses the vital gateway of the Portland International Airport, a linchpin of regional transportation.

Portland extends an array of resources to its denizens and enterprises, including avenues for permit extension requests and openings for administrative specialist positions.

For those seeking an extended sojourn, Portland graciously accommodates with a selection of extended-stay establishments, exemplified by the Hyatt House Portland. These lodgings offer an appealing refuge for visitors with protracted stays in the city.

All things considered, Portland is a booming city with a strong emphasis on sustainability, a variety of cultural attractions, and a lot of chances for outdoor experiences. Everyone can find something to enjoy in Portland, whether they are interested in dining, culture, or outdoor activities.

  1. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, unfurls as an urban playground nestled amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains, celebrated for its fervent devotion to outdoor pursuits, a burgeoning economy, and a rich cultural tapestry. Further insights into this city’s charm and dynamism are unveiled below:

Denver is an outdoor enthusiast’s utopia, boasting an abundance of opportunities for hiking, biking, and skiing, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the nearby Rocky Mountains. The city’s proximity to these natural wonders makes it a veritable paradise for those seeking outdoor adventures.

An economic powerhouse, Denver derives its vitality from a diverse industrial landscape encompassing healthcare, education, and technology. Among the city’s economic titans are Centura Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the venerable University of Colorado.

The city has grappled with an influx of migrants, prompting the city council to extend the mayor’s emergency declaration on homelessness. In response, Denver has instituted a medley of initiatives, including affordable housing endeavors and the establishment of shelters to address this pressing issue.

Cultural connoisseurs revel in Denver’s artistic treasures, including the venerable Denver Art Museum and the engaging Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The city’s calendar brims with festivities throughout the year, from the vibrant Denver PrideFest to the beer aficionado’s delight, the Great American Beer Festival.

For gastronomes, Denver serves as a veritable epicurean haven, boasting a kaleidoscope of restaurants catering to diverse palates. From classic American fare to a global array of culinary delights, Denver’s culinary scene beckons. Epicurean hotspots like LoDo and RiNo delight the senses.

The city’s infrastructure continually evolves, with ongoing projects such as the expansion of the Denver International Airport shaping its skyline. Facilitating mobility is the Regional Transportation District, which provides comprehensive public transportation services throughout the region.

Denver extends a gamut of resources to its residents and businesses, encompassing the city’s Code of Ordinances. These ordinances furnish essential guidelines governing various facets of urban life, including zoning regulations, building codes, and public safety protocols.

In summation, Denver emerges as a vivacious urban gem, exalting in its dedication to outdoor recreation, fortified by a flourishing economy, and adorned with a rich cultural tableau. Whether one’s proclivities lean towards culinary exploration, cultural immersion, or embracing the great outdoors, Denver offers a bounty of experiences to savor.

  1. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland’s venerable urban tapestry, boasts a multifaceted array of events and attractions, all set against the backdrop of a rich cultural heritage. Here’s a deeper dive into the city’s captivating essence:

Baltimore is an eminent seaport, its harbor crowned with ship-repair facilities, and a testament to a highly diversified economy. The port serves as a gateway to the open sea through the Chesapeake Bay and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, earning distinction as a pivotal automobile-shipping nexus. The city’s economic mosaic is further enriched by an array of services, encompassing the domains of healthcare, education, finance, and insurance.

Community engagement stands as a cornerstone of Baltimore’s ethos, underscored by a plethora of initiatives designed to bolster its residents. A noteworthy example is the Department of Finance’s provision of resources for parking citations, coupled with an offer of amnesty from accumulated penalties on Baltimore City parking fines.

Baltimore’s cultural tapestry unfurls a tableau adorned with treasures such as the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Walters Art Museum. The city’s annual calendar is replete with celebratory fervor, from the literary revelry of the Baltimore Book Festival to the exuberant expressions of the Baltimore Pride Festival.

Infrastructure evolution remains a constant, with ongoing projects breathing new life into the iconic Inner Harbor. This aquatic gem is a magnet for tourists, a vibrant precinct housing an array of culinary delights, boutiques, and captivating attractions.

Baltimore’s religious heritage casts a reverent glow over the cityscape, with historic churches and synagogues gracing its precincts. The city’s spiritual tapestry includes esteemed institutions such as the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.

Education stands as a luminous pillar of Baltimore’s identity, with a constellation of universities and colleges adorning its realms. Among these scholarly bastions, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, stand as towering citadels of learning.

For those seeking an extended stay, Baltimore graciously accommodates with establishments like the Residence Inn Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor. These lodgings offer a welcoming refuge for visitors embarking on an extended sojourn in the city.

In summation, Baltimore is a vibrant city, its vibrancy punctuated by an unwavering commitment to civic participation, an eclectic array of cultural jewels, and a sprawling economy. Regardless of one’s predilections, be it historical exploration, culinary adventures, or intellectual pursuits, Baltimore’s embrace offers a myriad of delights for all.

  1. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, stands as a thriving metropolis, brimming with a tapestry of attractions and a fervent commitment to sustainability. Here’s a more profound exploration of this city’s dynamic essence:

At the heart of Austin lies the venerable University of Texas at Austin, one of the United States’ largest academic citadels. Renowned for its academic prowess and revered Texas Longhorns football team, this institution embodies excellence.

Sustainability takes center stage in Austin’s narrative, as evidenced by an array of initiatives to curtail its carbon footprint. Notable among these is the city’s communal bicycle-sharing program and the widespread adoption of energy-efficient street lighting.

For epicurean enthusiasts, Austin beckons as a culinary haven, a gastronomic wonderland offering a smorgasbord of flavors. From the comforting embrace of traditional Texan fare to the global symphony of international dishes, the city’s culinary landscape dazzles. Culinary treasures abound in neighborhoods like South Congress and East Austin.

Cultural riches adorn Austin’s landscape, exemplified by the Blanton Museum of Art and the stately Texas State Capitol. Throughout the year, the city pulses with festivities, from the eclectic rhythms of the Austin City Limits Music Festival to the creative frenzy of the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

Nature enthusiasts find their paradise in Austin, where outdoor escapades abound, from hiking and biking to water sports. The city’s environs are graced with lakes and parks, inviting exploration and adventure.

Ongoing infrastructure metamorphoses shape the city’s skyline, exemplified by the expansion of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Facilitating mobility is the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, providing comprehensive public transportation services across the region.

Austin extends a wealth of resources to its residents and businesses, including the Expedited Building Plan Review program, streamlining the building plan review and permitting process.

The city’s hot summers prompt a thoughtful response, with cooling centers providing respite during extreme heat. The city extends the hours of these centers during heatwaves to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

In summation, Austin is a thriving metropolis, exalting in its commitment to sustainability, boasting a tapestry of cultural treasures, and embracing the great outdoors with open arms. Regardless of one’s predilections, be it culinary delights, cultural exploration, or outdoor escapades, Austin offers a vibrant mosaic of experiences for all.

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, graces the American landscape as a testament to its rich musical heritage, storied history, and unmistakable southern allure. Delve deeper into the essence of this vibrant city:

Nashville, affectionately christened the “Music City,” resonates with an illustrious history steeped in the music industry’s lore. It plays host to iconic institutions like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the legendary Grand Ole Opry, and the hallowed Ryman Auditorium.

The city experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by scorching summers and temperate winters. Visitors and residents alike should brace themselves for elevated humidity levels that blanket the city during the summer months.

For those embarking on extended stays, Nashville extends a welcoming embrace with a spectrum of options, encompassing affordable housing choices and extended stay hotels. These accommodations cater admirably to the needs of visitors with prolonged sojourns in the city.

Community engagement lies at the heart of Nashville’s ethos, exemplified by a cadre of programs aimed at nurturing and supporting its residents. A noteworthy example is the Department of Finance’s provision of resources for business tax returns, coupled with comprehensive assistance for business proprietors.

Cultural treasures adorn Nashville’s landscape, including the distinguished Frist Art Museum and the Tennessee State Museum. Throughout the year, the city resonates with celebratory fervor, from the cinematic charm of the Nashville Film Festival to the blossoming beauty of the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival.

Nashville’s culinary scene beckons with an eclectic array of restaurants, tantalizing palates with a symphony of flavors. From the comforting embrace of traditional southern cuisine to the global tapestry of international dishes, Nashville’s culinary offerings are a delight. Gastronomic havens like Germantown and East Nashville beckon food enthusiasts.

Ongoing infrastructure initiatives shape Nashville’s future, highlighted by the expansion of the Nashville International Airport. Facilitating mobility is the Metropolitan Transit Authority, ensuring seamless public transportation throughout the region.

In summation, Nashville stands as a thriving testament to its commitment to community engagement, its profound cultural heritage, and its enduring musical legacy. Whether one’s passions gravitate towards melodies, culinary delights, or the pages of history, Nashville offers a vibrant spectrum of experiences for all to savor.


The urgent call for global action to combat climate change is unmistakable. While no city is entirely impervious to the repercussions of this global crisis, some urban centers have taken noteworthy steps to fortify their resilience against its impacts. Among the ten largest cities that we have identified as relatively well-prepared for climate change, a tapestry of adaptation strategies and robust community resiliency scores have emerged. These cities serve as beacons, illuminating the path towards greater urban preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead. Their proactive measures underscore the capacity of cities to bolster their defenses against climate change and stand ready to confront its multifaceted challenges.

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